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                              This is version ten, which is basically here because                               version nine was up for three years. In other words,            this is a lame transitional layout. IE is always recommended. Firefox         and its coding rules confuse me.

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April 16, 2008 Repeated has moved to LiveJournal. I write sometimes. :x Life is busy at the moment, but I have new layouts in the works for Repeated, DoubleNegative, and Cometa. So many things I wish to do. o_O

February 20, 2008 New site, Song and Sword, a Zelda music rotation, is now up!

All sites on Overthrown.nu that are still alive. 4srysly.

Websites in various levels of production.

Sites about online casino that stopped interesting me or I got too lazy to deal with.

omfg get out of here. D:

Site focused on Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Includes in-depth analyses, information, fanworks, and galleries.

Site for Zell Dincht of Final Fantasy VIII. All your basic info, character stats, fanworks, and articles.

My blog, in a state of semi-revampness.

A webring, produced by the people behind Casino Svedala open to all fans of The Legend of Zelda series.

Official fanlisting for the Gackt x HYDE collaboration, "Orenji no Taiyou."

Official fanlisting for the Shuffle Alliance from G Gundam.

This is Eve's shrine to Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy IX, hosted here on Overthrown.nu. A very unique and informative site to everyone's favorite monkey-tailed thief!

The Adventures of Little Man
One-panel stick person comics mostly drawn during school. Join Little Man in his adventures across time and space!

Site about Gackt because I like him. Bio, info, downloads, whatever random crap I say.

Destructive Insanity
Site for Schwarz from "Weiss Kruez." I love to analyze things to hell, and with four characters, this is a big project. We'll see how that goes.

Go Go Cro High!
I searched the web looking for fansites to this great series and found zero. ...Meaning this site will either be really popular as one of the few "Cromartie High School" sites available, or it will not be popular at all because no one cares enough about Cromartie to make a fansite to begin with.

Piddle Heads
I made some comics and my friends were like, "Make a site," and I said okay, but probably never will because I suck.

Shrine to the animated French film, The Triplets of Belleville. Part of the lovelikethis.org project, which will feature sites dedicated to animated films made by many different contributors.

Star Structure
Site for American hero Chibodee Crocket of G Gundam. I know what I'm naming my firstborn, and it's not Amos.

Amy and I were like, "omfg Devil May Cry pizza blood stylish action!" Then we decided to make a site for Dante. You can thank us later.

Have Your Cake
Pixel adoptions based on the game Portal.

Apocalypse Now
For Zack Fair of FFVII fame. He was always a favorite of mine but not much was known to dedicate a full site. I'm not sure how many fansites have popped up since then, and I'm not going to look because it will kill my motivation. yay!

Pasteurized * Americanized * Cheese
My first site...ever. Co-owned with my grade school friend, Brandi, who was the one to get me interested in web design. P*A*C was a random humor site which never really had much content... Layouts changed way too much, as I was just getting used to html and would make something, like it for a bit, then realize it sucked and change it again. Still fun while it lasted.

The Vivi Protection Society
VPS was created to recruit members to help protect Vivi of Final Fantasy IX. It was co-owned with the wonderful Eve, and it was originally very popular, having over 100 members and winning several awards. Most members' sites disappeared, however, and VPS had gone a whole two years without one new submission. It was static forever and I didn't see any reason to keep it.

This was an "Invader ZIM" clique with the idea that members could pick their favorite quote from an episode. I still love the show, but I didn't keep up the clique very well. I was never satisfied with the buttons I had to offer and I basically lost interest.

I Brake!
I Brake! was a LotR fanlisting, the brainchild of, and co-owned with Cat. The concept was a parody of the "I brake for __!" bumper stickers snazzy people put on their cars. Each race was represented with a button. The member list got to be so huge that we washed our hands of the responsibility and added a guestbook that people could sign to join. Currently Cat is pursuing other interests and I think this clique has run its course.