Which OoT Character Are You?
Brought to you by Emi @ DoubleNegative

When confronted by a hoard of monsters, you...

Try to come up with an alternate solution. But if I have to fight, I will.
I have sworn to defeat all evil.
Call for help. There's no way I can take them on my own.
Hey, look out!
Taunt them until they all attack me at the same time.
I try to avoid dangerous situations.

Your magic of choice is...

I can control magic? Duuude!
Silly! Magic doesn't exist!
Nayru's Love
Din's Fire
Anyone can just cast a spell. I prefer to practice other areas of combat.
As long as it's destructive.

When someone pisses you off, you react by...

Getting flustered, but walk away before you say something nasty.
Using your quick wit to make them look like an idiot.
Threatening them until they back down.
I'd really like to teach them a lesson...but I know it's better to forgive.
Walking away. It's not worth it.
...I'm usually the one pissing people off.

Favorite color?

Neon clear
Wow. This question is original.

Boss battles...

Are scary!
Are pointless.
Help one gain more skill.
Prepare one for their battle with the ultimate evil!
Are annoying, but if something good comes out of it...
A what?
Require my infinite knowledge of monsters.

If you touched the Triforce...

Been there, done that.
With my luck, it would break into three and I wouldn't be left with any of the pieces!
My wish would be granted and Hyrule would live in peace and prosperity.
Er...you really shouldn't do that.
I don't know what would happen, considering it's already in three pieces.
I'm supposed to protect it, not go around smudging up its beautiful gold shine!
I wouldn't even have access to the holy item.

If you could spend the day with any minor character, it would be...

The Happy Mask Salesman.
The Running Man.
Keaton. No, really! He exists!
A knight of Hyrule.
Rauru, Sage of Light.
A wallmaster.

Favorite item?

Mirror Shield
Heart Container
Gold Skulltula Token
Golden Gauntlets

What is up with...

Ganondorf? Man, die already!
The guards at Hyrule castle? All you have to do is pay and they let you in?
The Great Fairies? They are SCARY!
Hylian men? Geez, what wimps!
The goddesses? I think they should let me join them as an immortal!
Mido? Get a life.
Cream cheese? Is it cream or is it cheese??

If I could be any animal...

Yet another idiotic question?

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